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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Howdoo and why should I care?

Howdoo is a messaging and social media platform that let’s you do all the things you love to do today – sharing, caring, and staying up to date – but without losing control of your digital footprint and or the amount of advertising if any you receive. It’s about putting the power back into your hands, and enabling you to earn and transact, and be rewarded for your contributions.

Will there be a Howdoo token sale?

Yes, it is our intention to hold a µDoo token sale in the future; however, no plan will be finalised until we have successfully released our Alpha product. To receive regular updates on our progress, as well as all the latest news and announcements, please subscribe to our Telegram channel.

What’s the name of the Howdoo Token?

The µDoo (pronounced You-Do).

What blockchain does Howdoo support?

Howdoo leverages the Ethereum blockchain, and our token the µDoo is ERC20 compatible.

Aren’t you just competing with Status.im and Kik?

While it’s true that both Status and Kik are messaging apps, and that Howdoo will incorporate the same features and functionality, this is where the similarity stops. That’s because Howdoo is messaging and much more besides – in fact it’s a complete, decentralized social media platform. As to what this means in terms of capability, we’d advise you to view the whitepaper, and join our telegram group to find out more.

Why should I consider switching from WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat or SnapChat?

The answer here relates more to what you want, indeed should expect, from a social media platform. Do you want to be able to take charge of the volume and frequency of adverts you receive? Do you want to be rewarded for engaging with them? Do you want to break free from centralized oversight of what you can and cannot see? Do you want to regain control of your personal data and where it’s being used? Do you want the ability to transfer value across the network, irrespective of geographical borders? And do you want to be able to manage the environments you belong to, and to have a say in how these evolve? If the answer’s yes to any of the above, then Howdoo represents the future of your social media